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Combat anatomy allows a character a bonus to his damage rolls.


A character with Magical Anatomy knows the parts of animals (and sometimes people) that are used in spell components and potions. Magical Anatomy does not give the character the ability to find animals that are useful for components, but once a body or living animal has been found he has the knowledge to remove the parts he needs. Furthermore, a character can tell if components are real before buying them if he is allowed to inspect them beforehand.

Magical Anatomy can be specialized in one school or branch of magic or one class of potions. Doing so gives the character a bonus to whatever spell he casts or potion he makes with components he collected himself.


Medical Anatomy is the general knowledge of all the organs needed to sustain life, their locations in the body, and what their function is. The generalized medical anatomy skill gives a bonus to all medical related skill checks only when involving species anatomically close to a character's own.

Medical Anatomy can be specialized in specific animals, races, or species. It is especially useful for a spaceships doctor to specialize in the anatomy of the most common species on his ship and he is likely to encounter. When Medical Anatomy is specialized this way, a bonus is applied to all medical skill checks when involving the species the skill has been specialized in. Poor Dr. Bones did not have this specialization ("Jim, I know nothing about klingon anatomy!").

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