Skill Description

Fantasy Astrology

By reading the heaven's prophecy written in the planets and stars, a competent astrologer can tell whether the future holds favorable conditions for any given person or enterprise. To use the astrology skill a character needs the birth date of the subject and ample time to perform intricate calculations. For predictions within the next few days, an astrologer only needs a telescope and a clear night sky. For long term predictions, an astrologer needs a book that references the location and cycles of the planets and stars. Such a book is a huge tome and is not easily carried around.

Modern Astrology

Astrology in modern times is far different in than in ancient times. Whereas astrology once foretold the rise and fall of kings, the practice of Astrology in today's world has become become less of a tool of divination and more a hobby. A successful skill check will reveal something vague and cryptic about a subject or subject's future. A character using astrology must know the general birth date of the subject being inquired about. A failed check will reveal something vague and cryptic, but probably completely useless.

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